With less than 10 days to go for the 2017 Oscars, it’s starting to dawn on me, that, what if, La La Land manages to break the record for most Oscars ever!? And perhaps most importantly seeing that La La Land has taken the spotlight this year in nominations across the board, will it take home the all coveted Best Picture at the Oscars this year? If you haven’t seen La La Land, and yes the name does grow on you, I suggest you go and check this movie out. It does not disappoint.

For the most part I was sceptical about this film, perhaps because I am not a musical fan. In fact, I don’t think many people today are fans of musicals, just because Hollywood doesn’t produce them every second day, like they used to in the 20’s through to the 40’s. But knowing that Damien Chazelle was at the helm did make me curious, especially when Whiplash proved to be a near perfect film. Let’s just say that DC (Damien Chazelle) knows music. The music, the cinematography, the simplistic story and the nostalgic trance of Hollywood’s finest musicals, makes La La Land a wonderful film indeed. But, what are it’s chances at the Oscars?

Only 3 films in history have ever received 14 nominations, namely, All About Eve (1950), Titanic (1997) and the film on subject, La La Land. All About Eve only went on to win 6 of those nominations, and Titanic took home 11. And interestingly enough, 3 films are tied in first place with most Oscar wins ever, that is, Ben-Hur (the original, not the crappy and unnecessary remake), Titanic and TLOTR: The Return of the King, all holding 11 Oscars to their names. So, can La La Land match this mystical number of 11, or will it take home more?

It is a clear favourite to take home Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Song, Best Original Score, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing, so that is almost a sure 8 Oscars. In the other categories, it does face some stiff opposition by comparison. It is unlikely that Ryan Gosling will win Oscar for Best Actor, but the Academy has been known to surprise. Costume design is a maybe, but Jackie might get the love in this category. Editing might very well go to Hacksaw Ridge. Production design might be a wild card for La La Land, giving it a potential 9 Oscars. My prediction is that it will take home 8 Oscars. Do you think La La Land has what it takes to break the record for most Oscars Ever?

FILMMUNCH THEORY: Could it be a possibility that Damien Chazelle is creating a cinematic universe, where the character played by J.K Simmons in La La Land as ‘Bill’ is the same character he plays in Whiplash? Perhaps some time after the events of Whiplash, where he has settled down a little, but is still a bit of an arse. If anyone can please confirm this, or deny, or if you think this is possible, help me spread the word!