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video games: the movie poster Truthfully, who doesn’t enjoy playing a video game? It is true that this documentary doesn’t break any new ground in story-telling or filmmaking techniques, but it’s a nostalgic reminder of the great video game has beens.

With a nearly 2 hour run-time it does start to feel a little sluggish, and perhaps a touch preachy, “play video games! play video games!” But, having said that, if you grew up with retro video games you may find this Jeremy Snead offering fun, even a touch emotional.

The documentary is extremely biased. It goes on to provide us with a glimpse of the video game history, and explores the evolution of the game industry and touches on where it is heading. If you don’t play video games, you may feel left out here, or it may even encourage you to play video games. What I found interesting was that the doco goes on to compare film making with video making, and how much of a group collaboration the video game making process really is. It takes a step further and almost blasphemously, to some, goes on to say that video game making is harder than the film making process. Any comments on this?

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Are video games an art-form? Video Games: The Movie will do its best to sell you this idea. Personally I do agree that video games are an art-form, they are a form of entertainment, and they are also a way that artists can express themselves. As a community people won’t see video games this way, but as the doco points out, video games are here to stay, and perhaps with time, more and more will come to appreciate this relatively young art-form. Movies have been around for perhaps twice as long, and there is no doubt to us that they are an art-form, video games can also be as artistic in nature.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find this documentary entertaining, and a positive look back, if you’re not, perhaps you’ll find something fun in here too, or it might just seem like a really long long ad for the video game industry.

Film Munchers, play time?

TRIVIA COOKIE: Video Games: The Movie was funded via the Kickstarter program. I had a look at the comments on their Kickstarter page, and it seems that some people didn’t receive their reward after the projects completion, so I’m not sure what happened there Jeremy Snead?

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