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Romantic comedies are usually a source of fun, easy to watch entertainment, but they’re rarely cinematic masterpieces, which is a shame, because love and the causation of love is such an awesome topic. Two Night Stand doesn’t set the bar any higher for rom-coms, but its relatively entertaining. Just want to mention, I am not a fan of this “pallet bed”!

pallet bed two night stand

I was keen on watching this because I wanted to see more of Miles Teller, considering he was amazing in Whiplash, plus it seemed like a laid-back type of film. In regards to Teller and onscreen lover Analeigh Tipton it does seem these two carry the entire film, considering most of it takes place in an apartment, they are stuck in, due to a snowstorm. The idea is comical and these two have a type of chemistry, enough to be convincing, at least.

teller and tipton

The writing to this film attempts to be clever, but its nothing out of the ordinary. It attempts to come across as modern and brutally honest, but most of the dialogue has been done before, perhaps When Harry Met Sally comes to mind, and other iconic romantic comedies. Again, it tries to come across as mature, in understanding relationship make up, but comes of as shy regarding the subject.

Considering this film had a very small budget, its great to see what can be done with such tight constraints. This is Max Nicholas’ directional debut, he doesn’t fall flat, nor does he stand tall. An average offering, worth watching if you want to have a giggle or two, and perhaps even enjoy an “awwww” moment or two.

max nichols

TRIVIA COOKIE: When production for this film started in October 2012, Hurricane Sandy came by and delayed production, but this meant that Teller and Tipton were both stranded in there downtown apartment, a parallel situation to the films plot.