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John Lasseter has revealed to us what the new adventure will be for our beloved toys in Toy Story 4. We originally heard that it was going to be a romantic comedy, which proved exciting at the time, but it has now been revealed that it will be a search and find operation for Bo Peep. And yes, the focus will be on Woody and Bo Peep’s romantic interests.

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If you recall Bo Peep was Woody’s sweetheart in Toy Story 1 and 2, she was written out of 3, and her absence was explained through a passing comment about her being possibly sold at a yard sale or lost. I was always unhappy that Woody had lost his love interest, considering Buzz and Jessie The Cowgirl are together. So I am super excited about this new direction, but at the same time, I am already weeping, because knowing Pixar, Toy Story 4 will be a tear jerker, there is no doubt.

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John Lasseter will direct, and I am certain he does not want to stuff this up. Toy Story 3 was the perfect conclusion, it was a close to perfect film too, so for Toy Story 4 to work, Pixar is going to have to present us with something truly profound and amazing. Inside Out is a testament to the fact that they still have what it takes to deliver.

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My theory is that Toy Story 4 will be the most adult Pixar film yet. It will most likely have a PG rating, and since it will be less about the toy’s interaction with kids, there will be more freedom for these characters to evolve further.  What happened to Bo Peep, will the story be partly told from her perspective? Is there room for the story to go internationally? Which toys will go along for the ride? What new toys will we meet? Who owns Bo Peep now? Who will be the villain? Will Lotso be back? Revenge perhaps?

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What are your theories about Toy Story 4? Reluctant or Excited?