It’s been an exciting week so far, and The Force Awaken Theatrical Trailer that dropped yesterday has been at the centre of that excitement. Additionally these week is also Back To The Future week, as we all reminisce over the 30 year anniversary. We’ve got tickets to a back to back screening of Back To The Future and Back To The Future II, what are you doing to celebrate?

BTTF2 Still

This weeks show discusses said Star Wars trailer and others too. Some interesting movie recommendations and some sweet or sour movie news picks from the movie news grapevine!

David and I also had a special guest join us from my local city, Adelaide Australia, Jordan Dodd, so please make sure you check out his movie review website. Also, help us spread the word and share this podcast with friends and family, we really appreciate all your support. If there is a film that you want us to do a show on, please let us know. Enjoy!

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