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Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter is an interesting film indeed, and if you missed the review on it, please check it out in the previous post. There is a strong connection between that film and the ShortFilm we are showcasing today, This is a True Story. This is a True Story is actually a short documentary, running for about 25mins that attempts to express the truth behind a woman named Takako Konishi.

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This ShortFilm was directed by Paul Berczeller, who has numerous Shorts available for streaming on Vimeo, and did this documentary back in 2003. Before I continue, I must warn you, that this review will most likely contain spoilers regarding Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, so please proceed at your own discretion. I learnt a lot of this after I had watched the Zellner Brothers film, and I wanted to share it with you, because it helps to wrap up any unresolved questions.

Takako Konishi was a real person, and her story needs to be heard, her real, story needs to be heard. The media was mostly responsible for an urban legend forming about Takako Konishi, which is actually the basis for Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter. Urban legends tend to have a habit of becoming ‘truth’ for people, and as such it’s great when someone takes the time to dig deeper and present us with a more reasonable explanation of events. For exposing the truth to this story, we owe thanks to Paul Berczeller and his ShortFilm Documentary, This is a True Story.

kumiko still

I think this story helps us understand the power the media has on us, and how essential it is for us to remember that. Considering that our society is becoming more and more media oriented, I mean, we live in an era where cameras are accessible to everyone, editing tools and places for voices to be heard are easily set up. As such we are responsible for what merit we give to media. Fact checking is still a thing, and should always be a thing, we shouldn’t believe everything we read, hear or see, obviously.

The style of this short doco is interesting in that it makes use of still images to present it’s story, almost giving authenticity to the images, although they are re-enacted stills. It does feel low-budget, which is fair enough, but horay to this film maker for going to these lengths to express artistically, an idea based on a series of events. Intriguing to say the least. I recommend this ShortFilm Doco as a great, after snack for Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.

TRIVIA COOKIE: The style for this ShortFilm Documentary was influenced by another ShortFilm Documentary-Style, French film by Chris Marker, entitled, La Jetee, which was actually the source of inspiration for the film Twelve Monkeys.

Watch This is a True Story here: