the zero theorem

I wanted to see this film because Terry Gilliam delighted me with The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, plus Christoph Waltz is in it. But in short it gave me a head ache. The film has a wild, trippy nature to it, and although it tries to dig into deep issues, it ends up resulting in a bit of a nothingness.

It has its comical moments and its has a certain photogenic aspect to it, but the direction is not clear. Can anyone help me out on this one? I believe that Terry is leaving us with an open question, the question that has haunted every human being at some point or another, the question of why? Perhaps The Zero Theorem is deliberately making us feel frustrated and lost, because life can be like that at times, and perhaps it is mocking our modern society, because if left unchecked society may eventually become the psychedelic horror that Terry portrays! Fingers-crossed, this doesn’t end up happening!

Regardless of my clear dislike for this film, there are some positives that need to be mentioned. The sets are detailed and there is creativity at play here. Costumes are intriguing. Christoph delivers what we will call, ‘his best considering the circumstances’. Matt Damon is brilliant with his snow white hair, a must see! Well, not brilliant, just a bit hilarious!

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matt damon

The Zero Theorem is a meal prepared by an eccentric chef, who has decided to mix up way too many ingredients, and has only served you a smidgen. You’ll be left hungry, not for more eccentricity, but for some good heart-warming comfort food. Or you’ll love it to bits and rave about it to everyone you see, if you’re one of those people, please please comment, and tell me why you loved The Zero Theorem, and not just because you’re a Terry Gilliam fan…

TRIVIA COOKIE: This movie was filmed exclusively in Bucharest to shoot both on-location and studio based scenes.