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Let’s just think about how significant this movie really is. Batman and Superman have been portrayed in film since the late 1930’s, that’s just shy of 90 years, whether we watch these movies or not, we are aware that these two super heroes do exist, hence they are part of culture, like it or not. The DCEU is inevitable, it’s happening, so guess what, welcome to modern filmmaking. As social and philosophical issues shift through time, so does what we see on the big screen. Right now, there seems to be a very strong message emanating from movies, and that is to stick together. The second film in the DCEU if anything, is trying to tell us to ‘just get along,’ and that is a noble message indeed. The fact that a movie has a message, a purpose to it, doesn’t necessarily make it a good movie, so here is the sweet and the sour from this somewhat epic, non-sensical, roller coaster ride of a movie.


  1. Jessie Eisenberg portrays Lex Luthor, a major villain to the Justice League, unfortunately his performance is rather overdone and not convincing enough, plus you’ll be left wandering what his motive is all along. A good hero needs a good villain, it’s basic math. lex luther i don't think so
  2. Lois Lane, performed by Amy Adams is repeatedly written into the story as a damsel in distress, with almighty Superman coming to the rescue more than once, didn’t we learn anything from the mess that was Jupiter Ascending? lois lane saved again
  3. Tone. There is very little comedic relief, and whatever great lines are delivered, we’ve already seen them repeatedly via the overly generous array of trailers. There is a lot of preachy, philosophical talk in this movie, which is awesome, but you really need to make your mind up at the start, ‘do we make a family movie, or a dark and gritty comic-book opera?’
  4. Doomsday, enough said.
  5. Ben Affleck. Just kidding, he does portray a troubled and older Batman well. Plus, we better get used to his face behind the bat suit, because he’s signed on for at least another 3 appearances in the DCEU.

batman dceu


  1. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is a very entertaining and engaging film, it’s fast paced, and it’s non-stop mayhem and action.
  2. Wonder Woman is bad ass, and Hans Zimmer has graced her with a real awesome theme song, just wait for the moment, it’s really well done! v1.aDsxMzUwMTE7ajsxNjkzMjsyMDQ4OzEwMDA7MTAwMA
  3. The score to this movie is fantastic on it’s own, but when coupled with the film, there seem to be moments of inadequacy. Plus, I do have a complaint here, the sound mixing is mediocre, especially when some of the main characters speak, I do wish there had been accompanying subtitles, because I am sure there is some importance to what they are saying. v1.bjsxMDY0NTg4O2o7MTY5NTU7MjA0ODs0OTI4OzMyODA
  4. Zack Snyder must have heard us, and there are much less focus pulls in this film.
  5. It’s sets up the rest of the DCEU nicely, i’m keen!


This is an OK movie, it isn’t the best super hero movie out there, but if we look at it from the bright side, the DCEU can only get better, and here is to hoping that Justice League do come to the rescue!