the rover

South Australia is the filming location for The Rover, and it shows a bare and desolate landscape making for a very photogenic film, and this is probably one of the main reasons why I love this film, the cinematography is exquisite. The story is simple enough, but is it too simple, and why is the protagonist so keen on recovering his stolen vehicle? The film is set 10 years after ‘the collapse’, I’m going to assume that thats another way of saying ‘after everything went pear-shaped’! Things appear very bad and depressive, and it is fair to say that this is not a ‘cheerful’ film, its on the heavy side in terms of drama and violence, but does it justify a 103 minute runtime? I believe, no. But, having said that, I love the concept and the story is ultimately touching.

If you film munchers go ahead and watch this film, I believe that you will be rewarded, I know that I was. But, the reward, for me, didn’t come until about 1minute before the credits roll, and perhaps it makes the ‘point’ of the film more ‘poignant’ and can move some to feel deep emotion. I admit, again, that I felt that emotion, and that is why I am recommending this movie to you. Although perhaps the film could have been ‘cropped’ to a shorter runtime.


Robert Pattinson, affectionally referred to as R-Patz, is brilliant as the character Ray. After Twilight, R-Patz, like most actors/actresses, after a highly successful series of films or seasons of TV, fell into a ‘deep ravine’ of acting roles. What I mean is that in whatever role you saw him, he was still that shiny vampire. In The Rover, R-Patz manages to escape out of that ‘deep ravine’ and you truly get to see how talented this young actor really is, his performance and that of Guy Pierce are more than good. Perhaps this film will assist in furthering R-Patz’s career…?

Want to enjoy some unique scenery of South Australia, then munch on The Rover!

Oh, and I almost forgot, the score for this film is hauntingly captivating, in other words, heavy and deep, but in a good way!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Director David Michôd had not seen any of the Twilight Saga films when he cast Robert Pattinson.