— the numbers station —

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I really really want John Cusack to be in good movies. The Numbers Station is a good movie, surprisingly, and John Cusack is in it! I just wish more people knew about it.

With only a runtime of 89minutes this film isn’t trying to be more than what its meant to be. You won’t feel as if you’ve been robbed, because it will entertain you. Yes, the budget for this film seems small, but it maintains cinematic status, with its darkish colour palette and meaningful slo-motion sequences. The story is simple enough, and their isn’t an ever ending array of twist and loops.

john cusack

John Cusack delivers a solid performance, along side Malin Akerman, these two seem to have on-screen chemistry. With the shorter than normal runtime here, the script does a half-decent job at creating some care for these two main protagonists, and that is mainly why we are interesting in their fate. The film does take a good 20minutes to find it’s ground, before it really takes off. It’s a thriller, so expect thrills and intrigue.

malin akerman

I often like to watch movies that rate poorly on Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes, or IMDB, just to see if they are really that bad, and every now and then, you get pleasant surprises, like The Numbers Station. It isn’t break-through art or anything, but its a sold entertaining thriller, without it seeming so “hollywoody” or perhaps “silly”.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In one of the basement scenes, a boom mic’s shadow is clearly visible on the back wall.