while were young still

There comes a point in the life cycle of an indie filmmaker where, he no longer is an indie filmmaker. I am sure that at heart Noah Baumbach remains as such, but when you find out who has been cast for his next film, you can be certain his name won’t just be known to movie aficionados like yourselves. His popularity is ever increasing, especially after his indie/feature While We’re Still Young. Speaking of which, here is the interesting, if not awesome cast ensemble he’s lined up for his next film:

Ben Stiller


Dustin Hoffman

dustin hoffman

Adam Sandler

adam sandler

Emma Thompson

emma thompson

SlashFilm is reporting that the film will be about a New York family, with human issues, and rest assured that the human artistic ambition will be a part of this story too. There is ambiguity about the tittle at this stage, but I am sure that the marketing for this film will start to hit the throttle.

Ben Stiller makes sense, him and Noah have worked together before, Dustin Hoffman is a legendary actor, and if the film has a comedic tone, which we hope it does, there should be some good mature laughs here. Adam Sandler, well, I am not sure why he has been cast, could prove to be interesting, while Emma Thompson, the real Mary Poppins, will no doubt add elegance to the production. Excited or not?