the neon demon poster

It’s really hard not to love the visual style of talented film maker Nicolas Winding Refn, and with the trailer drop of his upcoming film, The Neon Demon, it’s clear he isn’t done with the dark and striking visual style he presented in his previous films, such as Drive and Only God Forgives. The trailer is enough to get any cinematography lover get up and exclaim, “when can I go and see this!” You need to check this out, it look like it’s going to be an insane ride!

Surely we hope this is more in the vein of Drive and not the second Ryan Gosling meets NWR offering, as it was visually compelling, but lacked in character development and had a weak script. This film falls under the category of Horror / Thriller, and does seem to contain some moments of intensity. Let’s hope there is a good story amongst all this visual beauty.

So far we know that it is about an aspiring model, played by Elle Fanning, who has something special, and all her peers want it. We don’t know what that is, let’s hope the creative team behind this film are original with it. Keanu Reeves is cast in this film, but makes no appearance in the trailer, and we hope his character does remain secretive, because not knowing why he is in this film is at this moment, is maintaining the level of anticipation on a serious high! So, excited or not?