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Hi Film Munchers! I’m Amy, and I’m collaborating with Mr. FilmMunch himself for a monthly special. Our idea is to provide you with a perfect meal, matched with the perfect film because, well, don’t you love eating something tasty while watching a great movie?

Easter is around the corner, as they say, and I’ve created an easy, three ingredient Easter treat for you all – a chocolate shell filled with a rich creamy filling, topped with fresh strawberries. You will need Easter egg molds; the ones I used were 7cm in length and 5cm wide. Depending on the size of your molds you may need to double the quantities of the ingredients. I was also able to get my hands on molds that have a flat surface on the bottom making it able to stay balanced but this isn’t necessary at all, even if it sits a little uneven, it will still taste delicious.

The recipe is below, and I’ll hand it over to Mr. FilmMunch to tell you all about the film!

Amy and Nelson FilmMunch

Easter Egg Shells filled with Chocolate Cream and Strawberries

Vegan + gluten-free + 3 ingredients

Makes 4 egg shell halves (Molds at 7cm in length, 5cm in width)

160g of dark chocolate (separated into 100g and 60g)

½ cup coconut cream – from can

Strawberries for topping

Flaked coconut for garnish (optional)

  1. Heat coconut cream over low heat. When warm add 60g of chocolate. Take off heat and stir until chocolate is melted and combined with cream. Refrigerate for at least one hour.
  2. Melt the remaining 100g of chocolate over low heat. When melted, coat Easter egg molds evenly and place in the freezer to set for 10 minutes.
  3. When time is up, retrieve the Easter egg molds. I turn them upside down and pull the mold away from the chocolate; you will see the air slowly separate the chocolate from the mold. Place in the fridge until the chocolate coconut cream is chilled.
  4. Fill the eggs with chocolate coconut cream and top with strawberries. Eat while enjoying the movie!

Tip: When coating the molds with chocolate, make sure you coat the sides thick enough or it will be difficult to get the chocolate shell out, without cracking. I tip the chocolate into the mold, move it around to cover all sides and then pop it into the freezer for one minute. The chocolate is starting to set by then but still moveable. I then use a spoon and move the chocolate that has collected at the bottom, around to the sides and then return to the freezer for remaining time.

Amy and Nelson FilmMunch photo

harvey poster


Mary Chase because the fourth woman to win a Pulitzer Prize in drama for her broadway play, Harvey. It debuted on November 1st 1944 and ran for 1,775 performances. It was so successful that it then, was adapted to the film by the same name. Harvey is a wonderful film, full of positively and full of light-hearted fun and enjoyment.

harvey still

James Stewart is an amazing actor and personality too, and I honestly believe that no one was better suited to play the character of Elwood P. Dowd than he was. I feel as if Elwood P. Dowd is the very personification of James Stewart. The people that worked with Jimmy Stewart have said that he was a kind, down-to-earth person, a true professional. He also engaged in a number of philanthropist pursuits, and was an avid poet. Every time we watch Harvey, Jimmy shines! He received an Oscar nomination for his performance as Elwood P. Dowd, but unfortunately did not win, although I personally think he deserved a win.

harvey still

I remember when one of my school teachers told me about the movie, Harvey, he said, “Jimmy Stewart’s acting is so amazing, that you believe that there is actually a rabbit there!” I couldn’t wait to see the film, and once we found a copy of it, I was hooked! Today I would like to say the very same thing to my fellow Film Munchers, that this film actually makes you believe that there is a 6 foot, nearly 4 inches tall, white rabbit next to Jimmy Stewart!

Not only does Jimmy provide a stellar performance here, but he also gave birth to the idea of widening the frames in the film, so as to give the impression that room is being made for Harvey. This is elegant film making, because apart from the painting in the living room, we never see Harvey himself, we only see his presence through these wide frames and we can also feel his presence through great performances, but Harvey is there! He must be!

harvey still

Not to be overlooked is Josephine Hull, the Oscar winner for this film. Josephine Hull, again, is the only person suited for the role as Veta Louise Simmons, because she played the very same character on Broadway! She rightly deserves the Oscar win, because her performances provides some of the most humorous elements to the film. You can’t help but break up in laughter whenever she is doing some ramble or some goofy facial expressions, she is genius in Harvey. This film is incredibly well written, and every actor and actress is on point here, the entire cast plays their part perfectly, making for a most enjoyable movie watching experience.

harvey still

Harvey is full of beautiful messages. It’s important that we all remember that we are all part of the human race, and that we are all equals. Elwood P. Dowd always has time for everybody, people of seemingly lower social status, and even complete strangers. It would be wonderful if we lived in a world were everybody just got along and treated each other with respect and dignity. I think we all need our own POOKA, our own Harvey, to show us the way, to lighten up our day. Harvey also teaches us the importance of being open to other ways of thinking and not to instantly dismiss new ideas, simply because conventionality says so. Harvey is fun and has so much depth at the same time. Welcome Harvey, the tall white rabbit, along with the decadent chocolate cream easter eggs, and have a “swell time”.

Buy a copy of Harvey.

harvey still

We hope you have enjoyed this collaboration, were we’ve expanded on the Munch in FilmMunch. Please give us your feedback, and share this post with your friends. The Munch in FilmMunch will be back!

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