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I remember learning about the release of this film and thinking to myself, “this is going to be good, and it could be Downey’s Oscar chance.” I waited with anticipation, but I regrettably have to inform you that I was more than slightly disappointed. As a result, this is a quick review, seeing that I don’t think I should waste any more internet space on this media-ocre offering.

It’s not that the story isn’t interesting or epic, because I feel that it is, but the story-telling techniques used here, didn’t work for me. It felt for the most part that the entire film was a ‘mash-up’ of various experimental film-making methods. What was with all the green screen effects? Was that really necessary? With a budget of $50Million you would expect some sort of on-location filming, not some clearly evident green screen, blaring at your face!

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Robert Duvall has received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor, I am not entirely sure if he will win, and I am almost inclined to say that others perhaps deserved the nomination more, Channing in Foxcatcher? Regardless, Duvall can act, and his performance is solid, but nothing too grand. Robert Downey Jr. is good, but I don’t think he necessarily challenged himself, he’s still Iron Man and a slick modern version of Sherlock. I want to see Downey push himself more! He has such insane potential, we all love him, why doesn’t he love us back!? Ok, thats perhaps a little over-the-top, but I’m just saying, that The Judge had so much potential to be a great film, a revival of court dramas, but instead it will leave people court-drama-phobic.

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The Judge drags, doesn’t really make you laugh, it makes you feel very little at all, but like they say, ‘you be the judge.’

TRIVIA COOKIE: Team Downey is the production company set up by Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey. The Judge is the first feature release from said company.

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