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Why are we as a culture so fascinated with time travel? Not only is time travel a source of entertainment but it also continues to be a subject of study and debate among scientists. Will we achieve time travel one day? Will time machines become a commercially available piece of technology one day? Can we imagine Tim Cook at an Apple event saying, “today we re-invent time, this is AppleTimeMachine!” Well, perhaps this won’t happen, but in the meantime, if you’re  a lover of time travel, then The Infinite Man is a great time travel romantic comedy, a must see for all Film Munchers.

the infinite man still

the infinite man still

the infinite man still

The Infinite Man was filmed in Woomera South Australia, this is really outback territory, and it calls for a quite picturesque backdrop for this clever and humorous tale. It’s hardly a time investment with only a runtime of 85 minutes. But having said that, this film may require a number of viewings, not only to try and understand it, but simply because its very entertaining. It has a certain sweetness to it, a real onscreen chemistry between Josh McConville and Hannah Marshall, who play Dean and Lana respectively. Alex Dimitriades is the comical villain. This extremely small cast of only three all deliver great performances.

the infinite man cast

With clever editing and an amazing score, this film will make you smile from beginning to end, as the story unfolds and overlaps and overlaps, it all seems relatively easy to follow. I love watching a film that is gripping and entertaining at the same time, a film that makes you want to find out this instant, “what happens next!?”

This is Hugh Sullivan’s feature debut, and with all the attention this film got during various film festivals I am certain we will see more from this clever story teller.

hugh sullivan director the infinite man

I just want to mention how amazing a year in film it was for South Australia in 2014. Predestination, The Rover, The Babadook and The Infinite Man were all filmed in South Australia, this is exciting indeed, for those of us that live in South Australia!

You won’t want to go back in time and not watch this film, enjoy Film Munchers.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Hugh Sallivan has been involved in a number of short films, including a number of Television Commercials, some of which can be viewed at this site: Kojo