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Have you heard of Alan Turing? I must confess my ignorance. I had no idea that Alan Turing existed before I watched The Imitation Game. This is important, because I am sure that I am not alone, undoubtedly there are a few that only got ‘introduced’ to the life of Alan Turing because of The Imitation Game!

Its Important because it highlights the power of the cinema art form, it has the ability to proclaim a message. It can also give life and introduce to us, important individuals, in this case, Alan Turing. His story is a fascinating one, and he is portrayed by Benedict Cumberabach (can’t say that name enough..!) in The Imitation Game. The film does well to keep us interested, and filled with intrigue. Eventually you come to the full realisation that this film is indeed about a person that was treated badly in life, but was still able to give back so so much to life, society, science, education, technology and eventually become known as a super war hero.


The key performance of the film is Benedict Cumberbacth’s, and perhaps he is the most fitting person to play Alan Turing not only because they are somehow related (17th cousins, dating back from the 14th century) but because Benedict actually felt the real-life character’s pain. And I hope that The Imitation Game makes my fellow munchers feel this too, to an extent, of course! The film and story have the power to do that. Benedict confesses that in one of the final scenes he was unable to stop crying and had a breakdown because, thinking about how the character had suffered and been treated affected him so much. I think that getting that involved when acting is such commitment and professionalism, plus Benedict on his own accord chose to wear denture replica’s from Alan Turing, nobody asked this of him.

Some of Alan’s family members have spoken publicly about the film, and it’s heart-warming to see that they speak positively about the project. Inagh Payne, Alan’s niece, said that the “film really did honour my uncle.” Dermont Turing, Alan’s nephew, said that Cumberbatch is “perfect casting. I couldn’t think of anyone better.” James Turing, Alan’s great nephew said that Cumberbatch “knows thing that I never knew before. The amount of knowledge he has about Alan is amazing”. Too many times we hear that hollywood has misrepresented a historical figure, but at least it seems that The Imitation Game has excelled in re-counting this ever so important tale.

This dramatisation of Alan Turing’s life is entertaining, and it treads lightly on heavy issues, makes us aware, and then leaves a lot to our imagination. I believe the film is trying to engage us and leave us thinking about this super war hero, because he is worth considering, and he needs to be remembered for all the good that he achieved!

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TRIVIA COOKIE: Some of the clothes worn by Alan Turing, in the film, have linear geometric patterns on them, hinting at his future work in computer engineering.

ANOTHER TRIVIA COOKIE: There are theory’s, myths perhaps, that the Apple company logo is a tribute to Alan Turing, for his known love of apples, plus his contribution to the computer industry. An apple with a bite taken from it can be in reference to events surrounding Alan’s death, since a bitten apple was found in his apartment. Again this is an unconfirmed theory/myth.