the hobbit 3


No, I am not going to review the entire Hobbit trilogy, but I have included all three names, in the post title, for a reason, it will be clear soon, I promise or at least I hope. But let me begin by first saying that, Smaug is a marvel in technical achievement alone, the depth of his voice (Benedict Cumberbatch) is insane, and if, you get to experience The Battle Of The Five Armies at the cinemas, you will actually ‘feel’ the deep reverb of the Smaug voice!smaug

Talking about feelings, I believe that Peter Jackson wants us to feel for the characters of The Battle Of The Five Armies, which we will refer to as Hobbit 3, from now on, but, I don’t believe that you will ‘feel’ that much, if you were to just watch Hobbit 3. I recommend that you watch Hobbit 1 and 2, so as to refresh your memories about the unexpected journey parts, and the desolation of smaug parts, so as to be able to fully appreciate the significance of Hobbit 3. So thats 330mins of preparation for the final instalment which runs for 144mins, and that is a total of 474mins, thats 7hours and 54mins of total Hobbit time. Not too bad compared to The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, which is 558mins, that is, 9hours and 18mins. Thats a lot of munching! Who is keen…? YOLO?

Anyway, the reason why my post title includes all the names is because this trilogy was mostly filmed all together, this third movie, is not a reboot, its not a franchise that has been sold to another team, it is well and truly part of the entire Hobbit film. So it is really not fair to review Hobbit 3 as a stand alone film. If we did that, we might be inclined to say that Hobbit 3 fails our expectations, but does it?

45 minutes of battle time. Epic? Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, more Orcs, Men, Eagles, Gandalf, Legolas, Tauriel, Azog and Bilbo all battling, Epic? I really want to say YES, but i struggle to say that Hobbit 3 is epic, but The Hobbit trilogy, is indeed epic, and I do feel that Jackson gracefully concludes this middle earth trilogy. Howard Shore conducts an elegant build up to the pinnacle of the score, at which point you realise that The Hobbit trilogy is only the beginning of the story, The Battle Of The Five Armies is only the start of something more, something truly epic, something that has forever been etched into the halls of cinema fame, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.

Was The Hobbit Trilogy ever meant to be more epic than The Lord Of The Rings trilogy? I say, no.

Im keen to see what Peter Jackson gives us to munch on next, outside of Middle Earth, of course.

TRIVIA COOKIE: The principal photography for the Hobbit Trilogy was completed in 266 days, which was the exact same time as The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. When asked about this, Peter Jackson describes this accomplishment as ‘having done a once in a lifetime experience twice’.