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The Goonies is a film that has to be seen at least once, by everyone. You may adore it, or you may find it noisy. Being its 30 year anniversary, theres probably no better time than ever, to either re-visit it or give it your first viewing verdict.

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Directed by Richard Donner before his Lethal Weapon quadrilogy, and written by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus. Whatever way you look at it, you’re in for a comedic adventure. This film is very much an film for adults as well as for teenagers perhaps, I don’t know if it’s really a young children’s movie, there are elements to the film that make it for a more mature audience. I believe that this wider-scope of a target audience is what makes this film stand-out. Disney movies have a very specific audience in mind, but here Spielberg cleverly pushes the boundaries to include more mass appeal. He successfully did this with E.T and The Gremlins.

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Formalities out of the way, this film is a classic, and it’s fun to watch, I did feel that with a runtime of 114minutes it starts to drag a little, but it’s big reveal moment is towards the end, and credit must be given to Richard’s/Spielberg’s vision, especially in actually spending 2 and a half months building the hidden pirate ship. This is the films spectacle. Shame that the ship was scrapped, simply because no body wanted it, perhaps it’s was just too big to store anywhere. Having said that, it would have made for an awesome cinema museum piece.

The energy of some of the cast members is amazing to watch. The energy can get loud and rowdy, but that’s kids for you! There is a lot happening all at once in this film, and it can be draining to watch, you’ve been warned. Some will find this energising! The cast ensemble is remarkable, and with talks of a Goonies 2, possibly, we may be fortunate to see this ensemble together again. Who is keen on a sequel here?

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Movies have changed so much since 1985, and I don’t think that the same ‘magic’ will ever be recreated. A sequel will be interesting to watch, but there are so many potential pitfalls, and from what I recall, not all the original cast are actively in the entertainment industry, so theres a massive question mark. Doubt that Richard Donner will be directed, although there are rumours he will be Producing. Spielberg seems to have his plate full, so doubt he will be writing. So, there are so many question marks here, who knows…

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This film can hardly be called a masterpiece, but it is an influential piece, that must be seen by all movie lovers. I found myself smiling through-out and at times bursting out with laughter. Film Munchers never say die! Filled with adventure and awesome lines, The Goonies will entertain once more.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In an interview with Corey Feldman (Mouth), he has said that he had been asking Spielberg to organise a meeting with Michael Jackson, because he was an avid fan. Not only did Spielberg send The Goonies to the Michael Jackson Victory Tour at the Dodger’s Stadium, but he surprised them, by bringing Michael Jackson to the set. Spielberg cleverly used this surprise tactic to get a specific reaction from Corey in the ‘reverse pressure pipe’ scene.