the badthe bad

Eli Wallach is the Ugly, and surprisingly he is the one with the most screen time in this ever so epic final instalment of the inspiring Leone, Dollars trilogy. I love this film. I also love the commitment shown by Eli Wallach, in that he risked his life on at least 2 different occasions while shooting the film. The 2 instances are when his hands are tied around his back, and he is sitting on a mule, with a noose around his neck. In the scene, Blondie (the man with no name), shoots the noose off, but the mule was frightened by the shot, and it can be seen in the film that it runs away, and fast! Eli can be seen hanging on for his life! And again in the train scene, had he lifted his head a few centimetres, he would have been decapitated! If you haven’t seen the film, then you’re just going to have to see it, to understand what I mean.

It is insane how influential this film has been on our popular culture. As film munchers, it is imperative that we take the time to look back and enjoy influential masterpieces like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, so as to fully appreciate some of the more modern films.

The track composed by Ennio Morricone, ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ has been used so many times in TV and films, and I see it always associated with the word EPIC. And I really can not find a more fitting word for this film, it is EPIC in every way. When the story is reaching its climax, you can really feel the epicity and it can truthfully be moving and emotional, to the point of making you even shed a tear or two, (if you’re like me, who gets SO involved, of course).

It is a must see. Also keep an eye out for the famous poncho, the poncho that was never washed during the making of all the three movies!

TRIVIA COOKIE:  There is no dialog in the film for the first 11 minutes of the film.