Noomi Rapace is The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, she is also the girl Who Played With Fire, and the girl Who Kicked The Hornets nest. I recently saw these three movies, one after the other, just like any other movie lover would, and I have to say I was intrigued!

I’d heard the titles, and i’d heard about the confusion between the 2 version of the first film, but I was surprised to find that the original film, released in 2009 came to us from the country of Sweden. And it doesn’t surprise me that hollywood didn’t waste any time in doing a re-make, only 2 years after the original was released, because the films are amazingly great!

From the very beginning the story line is captivating, and I sat there thinking about how it was going to pan out, and I consider myself good at ‘guessing’ the outcome of films, but I didn’t see what was coming with this delicate trilogy. I know that i’m into a good film, when I think about it after i’ve seen it, and even while I was at work, I found myself thinking and thinking, and I really couldn’t wait to see the next 2 chapters.

I dare you to meet the girl who…


TRIVIA COOKIE: The author of the original novels, Stieg Larsson completed his first 3 novels in 2004, and shortly after, died. He had almost completed a fourth, and had notes for another 2 novels, his original intention was for a series of 10 novels.