Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers called it “an addictive thriller,” and that is exactly what The Ghost Writer is!

I was enthusiastically captured from beginning to end, in this ‘Hitchcock’ style thriller, and I must say that I was not one bit disappointed, well perhaps my only let down would be that there hasn’t been more credit given to this, credit-desreving film, nevertheless, if you are reading this post, I encourage you to see for yourself.


Okay, so were to get started, the cast, the story, the music or the dialogue, because it’s all so great and entertaining! Considering that Ewan McGregor has of recent become one of my favourite actors, i’m going to express my adoration for him in the role as ‘the ghost’. From the onset of the film you know that this character is going to be a strong willed and curious one, but as the viewer you are placed in the same position as ‘the ghost’ because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into and you have no idea who you can trust! I also must applaud the efforts of Pierce Bronson, even though the character, in my opinion, is purposefully portrayed as a ghost, you do get to appreciate the acting talent in a number of key scenes.

Without revealing too much, you do know from the very beginning of the film that you are in for some sort of political conspiracy ride. It is a ride, and a mysterious one. The music gives you the sense of wonder and uncertainty as the events are unfolding before your eyes.

Overall, this movie truly felt like a classic, and I dare you to join ‘the ghost’ in the quest to unlock the mystery of Adam Lang!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Roman Polanski, the director of the film, was imprisoned in Switzerland during a part of the production, for a crime he committed 32 years prior. As a result he was not permitted entry into the US, as such The Ghost writer was primarily filmed in Germany and made to resemble Massachusetts.

The Ghost Writer