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Admittedly at times I thought that Robert McCall (Denzel Washintgon) was going to come out and say that he was a robotic machine from the future! Aside from the impossible feats achieved by The Equalizer, it was for the most part entertaining.

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Denzel Washington contributed to some elements of the back story behind his character, including the fact that he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In preparation for this he met with several real-life OCD people as to gain insight on how to play the disorder properly. I have to give it to him, he plays the part well, a very methodical and restrained performance, not his best, but worthy of note. If you’re a fan, well, you’ll love this offering!

This is the second time that Director Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington work togther, the first time was in the compelling Training Day. It’s interesting because the style is different, and the story is very different, but at times you are reminded of the latter film, in a good way.

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Of note is the performance given by the super-villain Marton Csokas (Teddy). His evilness and style is almost comparable to a slicker Javier Barden in No Country for Old Men, if anything, I wanted to see more from this particular character. I dont think he will be in the planned sequel, but I must admit that I will be watching The Equalizer 2, when it comes out! Who’s keen!?

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Lets just say that Home Marts are no longer going to be the same, after you watch this film! Interested in some Guy Ritchie Sherlock combat analysis with explosive scenes of ultra violence, plus Denzel Washington taking down a million bad guys single handedly, Jason Bourne Style? Then The Equalizer is what you’re looking for, enjoy snacking.

TRIVIA COOKIE: The Jaguar XJ featured in one of the scenes, is the same type of model car driven by Robert McCall in the original TV series upon which The Equalizer is based.The Equalizer TV series ran from 1985 – 1989 and Robert McCall was played by Edward Westwood.