— the abcs of death 2 —

the abcs of death 2 poster

Twenty six short films, all assigned a specific letter of the alphabet, and they have to portray death. 2012 was the birth year of this concept, with The ABCs of Death providing the first 26 set of death samplers. I watched it back then, and it made me laugh, cringe, look away and at times simply smile. So, because I’m a sucker for sequels, in hope that they might get it right for once, I watch The ABCs of Death 2. I was left with a very similar array of emotions as the first one.

I must warn you that the subject under consideration in each of the shorts is death. And let’s just say, no one goes quietly or subtly in any of the 26 portrayals of said subject. You will laugh, you will cringe, you might be sick, you will most likely look away, and hopefully during one of the better bits just smile. If you don’t like gore or people being turned inside out, then I might suggest you skip this one, or else you’ll just here my voice in the background saying, “I told you so…”.

abcs of death 2

Some installments are more memorable than others. What I love here is the creative liberty that is given to each of the directors and their presentation of death, the imaginative results are very very out there. I’m not sure if this should be alarming or raise concern, seeing that you’ll find yourself thinking, “how on earth did they think that up!” Regardless the result is a colorful array of shorts which prove entertaining, but fall short of being at all memorable.

I would like to see this similar approach applied in perhaps a more brighter subject line, such as The ABCs of Life/Love/Peace. I believe that the creative mediums could be widened even more, and we’d have slightly more appealing content, perhaps?

Film Munchers, tread lightly, as the infamous Hisenberg would say, as you may end up feeling sick after this, or during this viewing, perhaps ditch the popcorn.

TRIVIA COOKIE: There is a post credit scene, mildly disturbing, but if you’re a sucker for post credits scenes, please wait till the end.