James Maitland Stewart, born May 20th 1908, is without doubt, hands down one of my favorite actors of all time. What made him such a towering pillar of film was his genuine persona and his unique voice. In Take Her, She’s Mine, Jimmy is Frank Michealson, the father of Mollie Michealson (Sandra Dee), and oh, what a father Jimmy is!

I couldn’t help laugh, scene after scene, the gags, the dialogue, the random scenarios that Frank finds himself in, as he tries to be a caring and protective father. A dirty-book scandal, a strange Chinese lady and a nudist boat cruise are the scandals that Jimmy comedic-ally finds himself in.


This scene above is one of the most enjoyable. You have to watch it to appreciate it, but Frank unknowingly has trouble with his costume, and it’s the precursor to the nudist boat cruise scandal, and what makes these scandals so hilarious is that Frank could not be more proper and respectful. His morality is put into question by his work colleges, and that is the opening setting for an enjoyable international artistic comedy.

Unfortunately this film was not received with great welcome back in 1963, and it is not considered one of Jimmy Stewarts best. I beg to differ. Why? Well, my line of thought is this, and hear me out, before 1963 Jimmy made so many amazing films, It’s a Wonderful Life, Harvey and Philadelphia Story, to name a few, so with his standard of movie being so high, it is only natural for audiences to expect the best. So if you put Take Her, She’s Mine next to these great masterpieces, then you are bound to see discrepancies. Looking at the movie in question alone, it is my opinion that this is a fantastic movie, and a must see!

TRIVIA COOKIE: The on going movie gag that the character Jimmy Stewart play is a Jimmy Stewart look-a-like starts with a mention of a film called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Two young boys ask for Jimmy’s autograph at the airport, so the question that this poses is, is the film set in the 60’s or the early 40’s? We may never know!

Take Her, She’s Mine