the force awaken poster

So, it’s about 3am. I just came back from one of the first midnight screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and what can I say, it was freaking fantastic!

I’ve never really felt nervous before watching any film, but Episode VII had me edgy, you know, because of all the anticipation that has surrounded this film, plus I’m a fan, a fan of the ‘in a far far away galaxy’ stories. With only about 5 minutes into the film all sense of nervousness had abated, and I was ready for this new story, this new ride, and oh what a ride The Force Awakens is!


I need to say it straight off the mark, the sound effects!!! Wait to you hear this film, wait to you hear the remastered super awesome sound of the LightSaber. I think this is a good example of what The Force Awakens really is, it is a rebirth a remastering of the old, not a replacement, but an enhancement. It goes without saying that Episode VII feels so real and tangible. It looks amazing, never has a TieFighter looked so remarkably real, and I guess that is because the J J Abrams and Co. took the time to make a practical film, this is not a lazy film. Practical effects have been perfectly married with CGI, and the result is stunning. So, sound and visuals, check.


Rey and Finn are some really likeable and great new characters to add to the Star Wars canon, in particular Rey. Lucas gave us Princess Leia as a strong female character, and Abrams has given us Rey. There are some really great surprises and hidden gems in store for you, if you haven’t seen it yet, but just rest assured that Rey is a really cool character. Finn adds some great humour to the story, keeping the story serious but also making it entertaining and enjoyable, plus it’s fascinating to see a StormTrooper come to life, outside of the iconic white tupperware outfit. Poe is also an awesome addition, and it will be great to see these three new mains fleshed out, and their character arcs explored, it’s exciting, a new beginning. So, awesome new characters, check. Kylo Ren, I’m still figuring him out, but we’ll no doubt talk more about that, once you’ve all watched the film…

finn the force awakens

Then we have the legacy already established, the characters and universe that came before. The way they are reintroduced is clever and suitable, Abrams understands what he is doing, Episode VII is about the new generation, but at the same time treats the already established legacy with so much respect and awe. He’s managed to bring something from the seventies to 2015, and make it seem brand new, plus it helps when you have most of the original cast still around and willing to participate. Regardless it’s awesome to see Han Solo, Chewie, Luke, Leia, R2 and CP3 again, on the big screen. So, nostalgia trip, check.

starwars cast

The reason why we go to the movies, is to watch stories, so that we can be transported to a fantasy universe, and draw out entertainment from this experience. Episode VII does this and more. The story told through this film is fun and also serves really well to setup the upcoming Star Wars sequels. I have many questions, you will have them too, but that’s what we were expecting, right? This film has been made with the knowledge that there are still another 2 episodes to come, and as such, it paces itself well. In fact I will go as far as to say that it felt poised, very confident in itself, and I believe it marks the beginning of something great, Star Wars is back with full Force!

I have no doubt this film will be loved by most, and it won’t disappoint. Look forward to hearing all your thoughts, now go and enjoy The Force Awakens!