Based on an incredible true story, about four hispanic, highly intelligent, underprivileged high school kids, who may not usually mix well, but enter a national robotics competition and come together to allow this truly inspiring story to be told. It’s going to make you laugh, perhaps even cry.

This is a beautiful movie that has so many layers to it. It’s undeniably one of the better films I’ve seen to date, which makes me happy to share this review. This film reveals the quality of the human race and being a true story, you are straight away drawn in by its underdog style. It reminds you of how important it is to see the true potential of everybody around you and to let them blossom.

Stereotypes and prejudices are all thrown away. It delivers a truly wholesome story that allows you to feel and witness the rise of these kids, who prove how possible it is, to make something, out of nothing.

In many ways, this film has matched other larger budget films, in that it’s full of inspiration and ingenuity. This clearly had a smaller budget, but didn’t detract from how powerfully it’s philosophies are portrayed. The making and acting definitely oozes out passion and storytelling. The bilingual aspect also adds a tremendous depth, staying true to the brilliant kids of Carl Hayden Community High School. Without any spoiling, stay for the credits. It really sums up this amazing journey.

Spare Parts available for purchase here.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Much of the filming, was done on location in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

– Scott Niehus

REMUNCH: As Scott has mentioned, it’s worth waiting for the end credits to roll. For me, this was the most rewarding moment of the film, not because the film had ended, because the film has moments of worth, but because it’s inspiring to learn that this amazing story is indeed based on real people! I do feel that the documentary Underwater Dreams is a better celebration of this story, than this film. The stellar cast here, namely Jamie Lee Curtis and Marisa Tomei, had the potential to elevate this film to even higher status, but the script failed these actresses. Spare Parts could have done better by focusing on the relevant ‘parts’, instead of all the ‘spare parts’.

underwater dreams poster