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snowpiercer train

For some reason I was under the impression that Snowpiercer was up for an Oscar nomination in the Best Cinematography category, but I was wrong. After watching it and paying closer attention than normal, to the cinematography, I’m inclined to say that perhaps it could’ve been a contender.

Anyhow, Snowpiercer is yet another graphic novel adaption, drawn this time, not from a Marvel comic, but rather the french publisher Casterman, Le Transperceneige. Captain America, Chris Evans is the movies hero, but this film is not as predictable as it may seem. Even if you’ve read the graphic novel, you’ll find that it strays considerably from the source materiel.

snow piercer character posters

snowpiercer art

This film is deliberately trying to question humanity and where it is heading. It also deliberately intends to warm us of the impending danger of global warming, in fact the entire premise for the film is that, due to a failed experiment to reduce global warming on the 1st of July 2014, the entire earth freezes over, and all of surviving humanity is on board a massive train. It seems very far fetched right? The director Joon-ho Bong has publicly said he wanted the date of the failed experiment to be in the year 2014 to underly the danger of global warming. This is the said directors first english film, and I have to be honest that I have yet to see any of his Korean work. Snowpiercer has made me curious to see what else he has done.

This film isn’t for everyone, it is very violent and action packed, plus I believe that a lot of it is open to interpretation, but in terms of being visually stunning and having a moderate level of solid performances, it will suit an after dinner snack.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Midnight, The Stars and You can be heard softly playing in the Sauna scene, this is a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s, The Shining.