rope poster

If you haven’t seen Rope, please stop reading this post and watch it immediately!

I love Alfred Hitchcock and I love James Stewart. I am very happy that the pair worked together often, because now we can look back fondly and enjoy their masterpieces of cinema. Recently I reviewed Birdman, and if you’ve seen it, you’ll know that the editing has been cleverly crafted to appear as if its a continuous take. I was reminded instantly of Rope, because Alfred Hitchcock famously used this same technique in his suspenseful thriller. The story is simple enough, but very captivating, and the tracking shot method used by Alfred Hitchcock really makes for a delight, because you really feel as if you’re in the very room were the entire film takes place.

Every time I watch Rope, I can’t help but feel tense and at the edge of my seat, even though I know what ends up happening. The fact that a film can do that to you over and over again, is genius. Who can doubt the Master of Suspense!?

Rope was very controversial for its time, and it was banned in many theatres across the US, because of its intense themes. In addition to this, Rope became one of the famous “5 Lost Hitchcock’s” and was re-released in 1983, along with the other 4. They became “lost” because their rights were bought back by Alfred himself, and left as a legacy to his daughter Patricia Hitchcock. Here is the link to the re-release trailer, the voice over is done by none other than James Stewart!

Rope was a technical marvel for its time, and it still is today. Hitchcock made takes of about 10mins long, which even today is tedious for most actors/actresses. They were 10mins only because thats how much film the camera could hold at the time, had the camera been able to hold more, perhaps Hitchcock would have pushed the boundaries even further! Can you imagine Alfred with a digital camera!? Sometimes I wander what it would be like to still have the Master of Suspense around, and what sort of insanely amazing things he would present to us…*sigh*..

opening credits cameoSome of you may know that Alfred used to cleverly insert himself into all of his films. The still above shows his first cameo for Rope, he is the gentleman walking with the lady.

profile cameoYou see that red neon lighting outside the window? Thats his second cameo for Rope, its his famous profile outline. The very same profile outline was part of the logo for his “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” TV series. Here is a clearer look at Hitchcock’s profile outline, see the resemblance? hehe..

profile outline

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Rope! A fine gourmet cinema meal indeed!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Rope was Alfred Hitchcock’s first colour film.