chocolate chia pudding

It’s that time of the month where we bring you a FilmSnack and Film-Pairing for your enjoyment. The Munch In FIlmMunch this month presents “Romance Rules with Chocolate Chia Pudding and Grosse Pointe Blank.” Please check out our previous months entires, and feel free to make some requests below.

Chocolate comes from the plant called cocoa, originally from Central America, and because it’s so good, it eventually spread to the entire world. Today, chocolate is synonymous with romance and love, and I am sure that the serotonin and endorphins that it helps to release also contribute to an enhanced libido, wink wink…

The Chia Seed also comes from Central America, and it is a fantastic source of energy, it’s perfect for when you need that extra boost to enhance your stamina, wink wink…

So here is the FilmSnack brought to you by AmyLeCreations:

chocolate chia pudding


Serves 2

1 cup coconut milk, from can

2 frozen bananas

1/2 cup cocoa powder  (adjust according to cocoa strength)

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp rice malt syrup

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

Combine all ingredients into a blender and mix until smooth.

Top with fresh strawberries.

If you would like to add a layer of crunch to the Chocolate Chia Pudding, you can find a recipe for Buckwheat Granola and more tasty treats on AmyLeCreations Instagram page, check it out!

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grosse pointe blank poster

Once you have your Chocolate Chia Pudding, it’s time to relax and enjoy John Cusack’s romantic crime comedy, where romance rules. Why do we associate chocolate with romance? Chocolate is a feel good food, and if you enjoy it with your loved one, it is scientifically proven to create a sense of romance. Watching a movie and eating chocolate, especially a romantic John Cusack movie is the perfect combination for a great night in!

grosse pointe blank

This film is one of the better performances from John Cusack, as good as he was in High Fidelity, he has an additional level of physical presence in his role as Martin Blank. He has a great supporting cast, Joan Cusack adds plenty of comedic relief as his personal assistant, and Dan Aykroyd as his baboonish nemesis is sure to generate laughter. One of my favourite segments in the film are between Martin Blank and his doctor, played by Alan Arkin, there is clever dialogue interchanged, testimony to how good the script is. The script, if anything, fails towards the very end of the film, I think there was potential for a more creative ending, nonetheless the film as a whole is solid entertainment.

grosse pointe blank grosse pointe blank

Minnie Driver as Debi Dewberry is top notch, and it’s the chemistry between the two leads the seals this high-school reunion, romantic crime comedy as a must see film for the romcom fanatic. There is so much believability in the playful nature and easy-goingness between these two, it’s infectious!

grosse pointe blank

So Martin Blank is an assassin, and more often than not when you try and combine genres, they tend to be really bad or they can be fresh cinematic experiences, it’s fair to say that in this case, the action combined with comedy and romance works. What works the most is how insanely in love Martin is with Debi, and even though a lot of intense ‘gansta’ stuff is happening around him, he seems to only have one thing on his mind, and that’s Debi. Things are getting blown up, people are getting killed, people are trying to kill him, but romance rules, and being in love is wonderful!

grosse pointe blank grosse pointe blank

FilmMunch and AmyLeCreations would like to invite you to try this FilmSnack and Film-Pairing, with delicious Chocolate Chia Pudding and an entertaining romantic comedy, it’s a sure thing!

Grosse Pointe Blank is Available on iTunes here.

grosse pointe blank

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chocolate chia pudding