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Relatos Salvajes is Wild Tales. It honestly feels like you’re watching The ABC’s of Revenge, because the way this film is structured, is that, basically its a series of short wild tales, and their uniting theme is revenge. Having said that, it’s all directed and written by Damian Szifron.

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This is the seventh Argentinian film to be nominated at the Academy Awards, and had it won, it would have made the second win for Argentinian cinema. The Secret in Their Eyes is the only one to take home, top prize, but Relatos Salvajes is well and truly worthy of having won Best Foreign Film, there is a clarity to it, a brilliant style, that makes it shine.

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Wiles Tales is for pure entertainment purposes, and its echoes the dark comedy of the Coen Brothers and is also able to generate tension that even Quentin Tarantino would be proud of! Each tale develops at it’s own pace, and there isn’t any prominence given to any of them, they are well and truly enclosed as their own tale. It may seem that this is a relatively predictable film, revenge seems a simple formula, but things are not always as they seem. You will laugh, and you will also cringe, because with any revenge tale come pain and suffering and, blood.

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Ricardo Darin is a central character in one of the Wild Tales, and it’s my favourite, maybe it’s due to how much onscreen presence he has! Nevertheless all the performances in this film are raw and exciting to watch.

The Wild Tales are as follows:

  1. Pasternak
  2. Las Ratas – The Rats
  3. El Mas Fuerte – The Strongest
  4. Bombita – Little Bomb
  5. La Propuesta – The Proposal
  6. Hasta que la Muerte nos Separe – ‘Till Death do us Part

relatos salvajes

Film Munchers, again, I must insist, this is a must see. “Vengeance is Mine” says Damian Szifron.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Damian Szifron says that he wrote most of the 84 page script in his bathtub.