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Whenever I watch a good film, like I thought [Rec] was, the anticipation of a sequel is great, and that’s how I went into [REC]2, but perhaps I set the bar too high, and the fall was greater!

The story continues, and it feels as if it’s only about an hour or two after the event of the original, maybe less. Must say that I love it when a sequel just picks up straight away, [REC]2 does that, exactly, so it feels like you’re immediately back in, which is good. Unfortunately, there is nothing new here, it’s really much of the same thing, again, no real innovation.

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This doesn’t meant that the film isn’t entertaining, because it’s multi-angle point of view story-telling technique works, but the fact is that the story it’s telling doesn’t have any mystery behind it anymore, it feels like what were watching, we already know. But if you’re a fan of the first film, then you have no choice, you must see this film, because Manuela Velasco is back! Interestingly enough, she wears exactly the same clothing to the clothes she wore back in 2007, this kind of reminds of what Clint Eastwood did with his famous poncho in the Dollars trilogy!

the squint

Again the directors chooses to add as much realism to the film as possible. The SWAT team outside the apartment complex, plus all the crowds and onlookers were real people, not actors. In addition the director chose to go with a ‘first-person-shooter’ style, which is interesting to watch, but gets a touch repetitive.

Not the sequel I wanted, nevertheless watchable. I know I said I wouldn’t make a commitment to watch the third and fourth instalments, but guess what I went and did? Part three and four reviews coming next…

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TRIVIA COOKIE: For the New Zealand release of this film in 2009, the marketing team there, was given $7500. $5000 was used as the prize for a competition. The competition was to have people come up with ingenious marketing techniques, apparently the response was overwhelming and split a few ways. Here is a link to some of the ‘stuff’ people came up with, enjoy!