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Will this be the last instalment? May I kindly ask that it be the last? Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza have already proven that they have talent, I think it’s time they show us what else they have. It’s in the title, ‘apocalypse’, the end?

Manuela Velasco is back! The story from the original film is continued, and clear references are made to the second and third instalments. This film takes a completely different approach and is technically, not a found footage film, so not as much of a head-ache to watch. Just boring, basically. Charlie Adlard, comic artist for The Walking Dead, drew a promotional poster for the film, which is probably the most exciting part of this instalment.

the walking dead art

There isn’t a lot to say about this film. There are some adrenaline level raising scenes, but it’s shallow and repetitive. It honestly feels like a ‘cash grab’, which is a complete shame, considering that there are numerous of loyal fans out there. This is something that can be upsetting to most, I know that it upsets me when finance gets in the way of art. Us movie lovers, consider the moving image to be art, we are willing to pay to enjoy it, we don’t want short-cuts and empty stories!

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I know that what I’m voicing will go unheard by producers, but at the very least some, up and coming film makers, the dreamers, will hear me out, and make movies that they want to see, movies that can truly be considered art! What I mean is, do we really want the next generation to look back and think that we totally messed up the movie industry? I think not…


[Rec]4: Apocalypse is an example that Hollywood’s franchise-lust is seeping out into ‘foreign’ lands, like Spain, and that’s not a good sign. Film Munchers, we can not escape franchise-lust, so, if you’ve seen [Rec]4 and enjoyed it, please let me know why.

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TRIVIA COOKIE: To mark the ending of the saga, there has been released a companion book, entitled, [Rec] El Libro Official. The book also provides further insight into the overall mythology behind the story, and answers some questions, that may have seemed left unanswered.

rec el libro official

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