project almanac posterWhat’s not to love about time travel films? If you could go back, what would you do different?

The standard of time travelling movies has to be massive, in this day and age, with a long list of history making epics, such as the Back to the Future trilogy and 12 Monkeys as major contenders. Oh, and who can forget, The Terminator legacy! Which is still going. Up against these majors, it’s going to be challenging.

Project Almanac definitely accepted the challenge. There’s this great, high energy and fresh feel about it. With a POV style of filming, that puts you right in the drivers seat of this “temporal displacing adventure.” If you’re wondering if it’s going to have that ‘Blair Witch Project’ jitteriness, then don’t worry, it’s not that bad.

It’s a film for all time travel fans, film enthusiasts, or just easy watchers. The cast and crew on paper are generally new to this but it doesn’t show. It’s always great to see up and coming actors give it their all, it adds a certain rawness that puts you closer to the characters and storyline.

project almanac still

Despite other reviews, I Personally loved this film. It keeps the audience thinking and maintains great suspense. The calibre of directing and acting shouldn’t be judged on their previous merits, but instead, on ones personal experience from watching the movie. Each interpretation is different, especially when it relates to time travel.

The thought of Time Travel is such a mind-bender. Jumping back and fourth from each dimension, resulting in a paradox. Or the thought that life is preordained. Perhaps, the possibility of altering the past and the present. Who can resist a good ‘Time Traveller Flick’?

Project Almanac available for purchase here.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In one scene, the group needs to connect two cables together to make time travel possible, but the cables aren’t long enough. This is a reference to Back to the Future, where Doc needs to connect the clock towers cable to the street lamp in order to send Marty back to 1985. It’s this moment that Doc gets tangled up on a branch and the cables fall short.

– Scott Niehus

REMUNCH: I have many criticisms regarding this film. It has Michael Bay written all over it. Over-the-top product placements, dumb-esquely written female characters, and of course the teenage girls in short shorts, thanks Michael Bay…

The idea’s of this film, I relish in. My issue is that from the trailer, we know that they manage to time travel, this is a given. Except the film sluggishly reaches the point of time travel a little too late, nearly 50mins into the film. The consequences of time travel are only explored nearly 70mins into the film, and by this point, you’re barely hanging on. Perhaps the most provoking line is when the main character has a moment of clarity and awareness and says, “the world in ending…”. Time Travel is an amazing thought and I love the idea, it’s this love, that made me hate Project Almanac, because it feels that the opportunity to make a truly amazing Time Travel Film was squandered. All the cultural references to other films and popular culture are not enough to save grace with Project Almanac.

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