I am not sure were to start with this film, its probably because i’m having trouble digesting it, what I mean by that is that I found the film heavy and perhaps even a little dissatisfying. Having said that, Primer is an inspiring movie. It is inspiring because it demonstrates clearly that if you have a dream, a goal to make a movie, it is completely achievable, let me elaborate.

Shane Carruth, the creator of Primal has an undergraduate degree in math, and before he started making movies, was a Software Engineer. It is clear that he has used his mathematical knowledge whilst writing the script for Primal, and to be honest the script is a little hard to follow at times, for us non-mathematitions. But, I do believe that the film cleverly tries to keep us interested in what we are struggling to understand, simply because we don’t understand it, but we kind of want to understand! Does that make sense…? Anyway, what Shane Carruth manages to put together, with only a budget of $7000 is a clear message to us all, that, if we have a dream, we can make it come true. He has gone on and made a second film, and is now working on his third, thats inspiring!

The film is shot in a manner that makes you feel tense and closed in, and it also makes you feel as if you’re almost ‘eves-dropping’ on the characters as they discuss their ever looping dilemmas. The idea for the film is good, but I feel that the execution or the presentation of the idea is lacking, but please, Film Munchers, check it out for yourselves, and it would be great to hear what you think!

I might add that I like the colour palette of the film, makes for a unique look.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Shane Carruth is credited in the movie Looper (2012) with a “Special Thanks”. He was a consultant for the script, specifically for the time travel concepts. His ideas were, unfortunately, too expensive to shoot.