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Denis Villeneuve is an exciting director, and he isn’t shy in re-telling shocking stories. Polytechnique is a film that recounts the 1989 Montreal Massacre, and it does so with the blessing of the victim’s families and survivors.

I would like to start of by stating that I am a Feminist. I am not radical and I typically don’t like to label myself, but when a subject is relevant and important for the development of our society, it is my responsibility to speak up. My wife and I recently watched a speech given by actress Emma Watson at a UN summit. Gender inequality is a real issue, and the way she describes it best echoes my own personal beliefs. Here is a link to her speech:

Feminism is not man-hating, and everybody should understand this. We are all equal and we all deserve equality, this isn’t too much to ask, and this isn’t a radical idea.

The reason why this subject is being talked about here, is because in this film a young man decides to kill, because he believes that feminism is basically, to him, the cause of all evil. It’s difficult to understand the mind of a psychopath, and Denis Villeneuve doesn’t try to explain this to us, but rather tells us the story, and he tells the story brilliantly. Killing is wrong, nobody has the right to take someone else’s life, and hence I stand firmly on the belief that this man did not kill for passion, but rather, hate, and as such he should not be sympathised with.

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This black and white nightmare is tense and shocking to watch, the director here has really captured the eeriness of the events and the sick feelings of that horrible day. It’s a tribute to the victims and the surviving families, and as such Denis Villeneuve makes us feel like an onlooker, and observer, we are there watching this take place, we may not fully understand why this maniac is doing this, but we can see people hurt, we can see death, and we feel the pain, we feel the sorrow this has caused.

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Polytechnique is a solid film, and the story it tells is worth telling. Male or female we are equal, and we all have the basic right to be free.

TRIVIA COOKIE: In Canada the day of the shooting is commemorated with a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.