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Mindy Kaling, who plays the character of Disgust, when she was offered the part, and read the script, started weeping. I can not help but feel that her reaction to this incredible story is apt and correctly portrays how I felt watching Inside Out. Pixar has done it again! This piece of art is enough to move everyone in some way or another.

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FilmMunch had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the film, and we can not recommend it more. The hard work that the Pixar team has put on this project, will pay dividends, with almost 5 and a half years in the making, it is considered by some, as one of the ‘hardest processes’, according to Ralph Eggleston, production designer. There is depth and meaning to what Pixar has done here, and it is certain to be a new favourite for most.

Pete Docter takes the directional chair for the third time at Pixar, and his work is truly profound. A lot of the idea’s have come from his personal life, and what he experienced as he watched his own daughter growing up. In the film we follow the ‘inside’ of Riley, and her emotions are all personified by relatable characters, all working to make what Riley is ‘out’, therefore the title, Inside Out. With most Pixar films, there is something here for everybody, and this is most definitely a family film. The deep nature of this film was enough to make me cry and feel so much, it’s really an adventure, and at times an educational journey.

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Inside Out’s portrayal of emotions will affect millions of people. Already, even as I write this post, I’m visualising my mental processes the same way Pete Docter has envisioned them for us in this film. I honestly think that this film will help a lot of kids and parents, because the messages that we find are simple but so meaningful. It is wonderful to experience a film that has been put together so meticulously and thoughtfully. In typical Pixar fashion, hundreds of hours were spent on research, and numerous professionals in the field were consulted regarding a child’s emotional make up and emotional development. This is what separates Pixar from most other animation studios, what they do is art, it is not simply for profit, but there are deep seeded messages in all of Pixar’s work, except for maybe Cars 2, but that’s because Disney likes to stomp all over things, anyway, now that John Lasseter is head of animation at Disney, we can expect more of Pixar in what Disney does.

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Needless to say the story is king here, and it’s moving too. In addition the animation does not skip a beat. The lighting and use of colours and shadowing really make this film a joy to watch. Michael Gianchinno has again delivered a fine score, his fifth time, working with Pixar. This film is considerably shorter than most of Pixar’s films, but the length is appropriate, considering the depth of message that is being delivered here. There is enough to get you thinking, without wearing you out. Inside Out is a serious film, but incredibly fun and humorous! This is one that you shouldn’t miss.

There are great eater eggs in this film, so keep an eye out for The Good Dinosaur reference, also the A113 classroom number reference. There are others too, some referencing other Pixar works. For example some of the memory ‘bubbles’ show images from Pixar’s Up, Pete Doctors previous directional work. I didn’t see the iconic Pixar ball, perhaps you might find it, lets us know!

inside out still

inside out still

Thank you Pixar for reminding us why we love film so much. Animation is now solidly a part of cinema, and with the introduction of Best Animated Feature category in 2002 at the Oscars, Pixar has dominated. It is almost a certainty that Inside Out will win Best Animated Feature at the next Academy Awards. Inside Out is essential viewing.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Lava is the name of the short film that plays before this feature. This tradition has been going since Toy Story, Pixar’s first feature. It is done as a nod to classic Disney animation shorts that used to play before features in the 40’s and 50’s. FilmMunch will be reviewing Lava next, stay tuned.

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