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Sometimes I wander how good actors or actresses feel when they are making a film, that seems to be a great idea, but when the final product is released, and it’s actually rather appalling. Olympus Has Fallen is such a film, there are so many many inexplicables, that there is no excuse. Some may argue, ‘its just a movie’, but come on, are we really just going to sit back and be the most gullible generation of movie goers?

Antoine Fuqua has directed good films in the past, Training Day, being his stand out piece. It’s a shame to note that he hasn’t been able to match, let alone top it. He does have an impressive 11 upcoming projects, so time will tell. Southpaw with Jake Gyllenhaal being the sooner to reach cinemas. I really want it to be a good movie, but my confidence is skewed by Antoine Fuqua’s Olympus Has Fallen, and The Equalizer for that matter.

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Olympus Has Fallen is a movie that feels way too far-fetched, that instead of making you feel tense and at-the-edge of your seat, you really just want to laugh. So in that sense, it is entertaining, but not because you’re marvelling at how amazing the visuals are, and how amazing the performances are. The visuals seem rushed and clumsy, Gerard Butler does his best to carry the film, and if it wasn’t for his Bruce Willis/Denzel Washington fierceness, I really don’t see how this film would have even had a theatrical release, straight to DVD release, perhaps.

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Politically it places North Korea and the Unites States of America as enemies, which even today is still relevant. According to Antoine, he felt that doing the staple, bad guys from the middle east was overdone, he’s right, by the way, and chose to do the North Korean bad guys instead. The Interview, comes to mind, and the political fiasco that caused. If Antoine wanted Olympus Has Fallen to be a political statement, he failed. If he wanted to make an entertaining action disaster movie, he failed too.

This film falls short in a number of ways, the story isn’t believable, the villains are almost super-villians, and having 1 guy, almost, single-handedly save the day doesn’t cut it as being an instant classic. It’s forgettable, so don’t expect much from this Antoine Fuqua piece. Oh, and why was Morgan Freeman in this movie?

TRIVIA COOKIES: One of the TV spots in the United States included Emergency Alert System tones to promote this film. Since it is illegal to air these tones in non-emeergery situations, the Federal Communications Commission fined ESPN, Viacom and NBC Universal $1.93 Million.

Yes, you guessed it, there is a sequel in the making entitled London Has Fallen, Ooops!

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