a monster calls still

When the teaser trailer was released for the upcoming book to movie adaption by J.A. Bayona, entitled A Monster Calls, it was reason for excitement. At the time one of the biggest questions was how Liam Neeson would sound as the alleged ‘monster’. The wait is over!

The latest trailer to drop for this film presents an intense and deep reverberated voice by Liam Neeson, and it’s short of eargasmic. The trailer doesn’t spoil much at all, only showing us snippets of said ‘monster’, hopefully withholding the reveal till the movie’s release. Felicity Jones makes an appearance, not as a Star Wars legend, but hopefully as an interesting character to this fascinating film. Still excited about A Monster Calls? We sure are!

Perhaps overshadowing all trailers at the moment in the massive Marvel drop for its November release of Doctor Strange. One word summarizes this trailer, strange. Strange good, and intriguing to say the least. There is a lot of acting talent here, and fingers crossed the script and story matches the quality. I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Matrix, in particular the scene where Morpheus is sparring with Neo, in this case, Tilda Swinton teaching Benedict Cumberbatch. Is Doctor Strange somehow a remake to The Matrix that we didn’t know about? Considering all the Kung Fu and shape shifting, it’s totally an unexpected Matrix remake right?

morpheus and neo fight

Nonetheless we are intrigued, what about you? Excited or not?