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napoleon dynamite poster The way that film has evolved the past decade, makes me believe that Napoleon Dynamite had something to do with it, in a positive way. Its incredible how instantly it became indelibly etched into the culture of cinema.

Watching this film, reminds me instantly of directors like Wes Anderson, who employ a quirky style and help create very unique characters, individuals that we instantly love, this is not only clever film making, but very clever writing. The way we react to a film is very closely related to how we relate to the characters, and thats what makes Napoleon Dynamite so likeable, its because everyone will find something they can relate to, something about the characters in the film, that makes them real people, but possibly very different to us. Instantly we are filled with curiosity. It is this relativity that makes us care what happens to the beloved characters, plus the fact that they are comedic geniuses helps!

napoleon dynamite poster Napoleon Dynamite is not a laugh out loud film, rather, the humour is more subtle and underlying, making you smile more regularly. This film cleverly makes you smile though out it, so that by the end, you have a complete sense of fulfilled entertainment, its a great feeling, and I’m sure that all you Film Munchers out there, have experienced this, at one point or another.

napoleon dynamite closing scene There are so many teenage comedies out there, but this film stands out, on a league of its own, the style is very individual, and individuality is the main theme here. We are all individuals, and this film is a celebration to that. Napoleon Dynamite wants us to embrace our individuality, and manages to make us laugh along the way. Jared Hess’s film making story is inspirational, he started by making a short film, of which Napoleon Dynamite is an adaption of, called Peluca. It’s no easy feat for your debut feature film to eventually go on to make over $40 Million, let alone, that feature become a corner stone in popular culture.

jared hess With excellent performances from Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries, Aaron Ruell and Tina Majorino, this film will make you use approximately 26 facial muscles to smile, often, so get ready from some facial pain!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Jon Heder permed his hair for his role as Napoleon Dynamite.

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