The wait for movies to come out on the little screen seems to take forever. But the problem is especially bad in the summer when we tend to see the most blockbusters. Every year we have to wait an eternity for general release in the fall. Some critics have said that the summer blockbuster isn’t what it used to be. After all, there’s been remakes and sequels galore, and that’s leading to fatigue, apparently. But we’ve also seen some dizzying heights of cinematic excellence. So which movies are we most psyched about coming to streaming and DVD soon?

X-Men Apocalypse

A few of the sequel/comic book movies this summer fell a little bit flat. But no critic worth their salt would say that X-Men Apocalypse was among them.

Apocalypse was allegedly the first of the X-Men, and the most powerful. Up until now, he’s remained dormant. But, for some strange reason, he has awoken from his slumber. Soon after he awakes, Apocalypse takes a distinct disliking to humanity. He forges a partnership with the dismembered Magneto and swears vengeance on humankind. X-Men Apocalypse will be coming to DVD and streaming services, like ShowBox, on October 4th.


Money Monster

George Clooney is back. And this time, he’s teamed up with Julia Roberts in the epic drama, Money Monster. Clooney’s character, Lee Gates, is an outspoken TV personality. His financial TV show has made him a small fortune, and he is widely respected on Wall Street. But Gates isn’t immune to making mistakes. Once he gets bullish on a particular tech stock and suggests his viewers go out and buy it, things start to go wrong. An angry investor takes Gates and his staff hostage while Gates is live on air. From there, the story develops, and a tangled web of lies and deception is revealed. Money Monster comes out on streaming services on September 6th.



Warcraft is perhaps the first 3D video game to be made into a movie. That’s strange, because it’s usually the other way around. Thus, this summer action blockbuster is a first of a kind.


Warcraft’s story is based on the original 1990s strategy game, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. Things start going wrong when the Orc homeworld becomes blighted because of dark magic. Seeking refuge, orcs travel through a gate to the human world. But things start to go wrong. The leader of the Orcs, Gul’dan, is in league with the dark magic that destroyed the homeworld. And now he risks his own orcs rising against him. Expect a film filled with twists, turns and complicated plots. Warcraft comes out on September 27th to DVD and streaming.

Love And Friendship

Love and Friendship is a Jane Austen adaptation. The film centres on the character of Lady Susan Vernon. The film begins with her going into hiding to escape unsavoury rumours about her dalliances. She sets off to her in-law’s residence for some peace and quiet. But while she’s there, her romantic relationships become even more complicated. She winds up attracting the attention of three charming men, all vying for her attention. Love and Friendship is set to be released on September 6th this year.