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Mandariinid translated Tangerines is the first Estonian film to be ever nominated for an Oscar. Unfortunately it lost to Polish masterpiece Ida, but that does not mean that this film isn’t as equal a masterpiece!

This film is pro-humanity and anti-war. There is heart in this film from begging to end, and there are numerous messages of peace and love, instead of the many times, pointless and wastefulness of war. We are placed in the middle of war in Georgia, in a small village called Apkhazeti. Ivo and his friend Margus have stayed behind to harvest their precious crop of Tangerines, but things don’t go as planned.

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What makes this film have so much heart is it’s ability to forge strong relationships between the characters in its 87 minute runtime. Zara Urshadze who is responsible for this films directing and writing has created art in this film, art full of meaning, emotion and depth. One of the stand out relationship in the film is between friends Ivo and Margus, although Ivo is much older than Margus, you get the sense that these two really see each other as friends, instead of perhaps a Mentor/Pupil relationship. Its touching to see how much Ivo cares for his friend, and wants to make sure, in a touching scene, wether he offended his friend or not, with something that he said, and then graciously invites him over, later that night, ‘to drink’, even-though they are technically neighbours. This film is so sweet, indeed, its a must see, I promise you won’t mind the subtitles, once you realise what type of story is being told here!

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What stood out the most to me, was this films ability to make me smile, laugh, and then take me around to the other side of the emotional spectrum all within the same minute, and it accomplishes this more than once. Although the subject matter is a serious one, there is room for humour, and it often comes at the most required moments, clever writing!

Film Munchers, this is another foreign film, that you must see, its cleverly crafted, and it will make you feel, and make you think, its an important film. Mandariinid provides this years best tangerine harvest!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Only 12 Estonian film have ever been submitted for consideration by the Academy Awards, Mandariinid is the latest offering and the first to be up for an Oscar Nomination.

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