mad max poster

Goerge Miller has redefined the Hollywood blockbuster! Who would ever imagine that a reboot could superceed, not only expectations, but it’s own predecessors!? This type of realism and actuality vs CGI is what big budget movies should be spending their cash on. Mad Max: Fury Road makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe look primitive, and provides a ride full of beautiful insanity!


The first thing that stands out is the performance given by Charlize Theron. Hollywood has finally given us, courtesy of George Miller, a strong female driven character set, which makes for a very, very refreshing movie going experience! In fact Charlize Theron gets a lot more screen time, and lines than Tom Hardy, Mad Max himself! Then again, when has Max ever been a man of many words? George Miller does not portray his female characters as victims, but rather has written them as heroines in their own rights, and if we are going to start labelling heroes, then Imperator Furiosa is as much a heroin as Max is. Charlize Theron has given her all here, just pure and raw energy. Miller has extended his target audience by providing us with a kick-ass mad Furiosa. Spin-off, Mad Furious: The First Imperator? Please don’t! Would be kind of cool, though.


The simplistic dialogue and pure visual feast, takes us back to the very basics of cinema, whilst simultaneously enhancing it to a new standard, a new hallmark, a new touchstone! This is a clear example of how a script doesn’t have to be long to be good. Miller has used all the tools necessary to make a film, as tools, only. He has focused on the combined end result, and has never lost sight of the finished result! Fury Road is an elegant ballet of metallic madness, fused together by the combined efforts of everybody involved in this project. I dread to think, this would not have been an easy film to make, fun yes, scary yes, but laborious! Looking forward to the BluRay special features.


Action as we know it, has been shattered by Mad Max: Fury Road. With 80% of the film being raw actual footage, and the remainder CGI enhancements, again Miller has used CGI as a tool. The eye can discern CGI very quickly, and it robs from the realism of the film. This will not happen to you during Mad Max: Fury Road, the experience is so immersive and intense, that it feels like you’re the one strapped to the front of some hideously elegant gasoline pumping machine!

Over 150 machines of madness were built, and everyone of them being a functioning beast. They are beasts! As I write this, it really makes me want to go back and re-watch it at the cinemas, because the only place to enjoy this is at the cinema, it is meant for the biggest screen, and the loudest speakers! Over half of the metaphoric beasts are destroyed, so prepare for the mayhem!


There is a lot of sub-text in this film, and I won’t go into detail, so as not to spoil anything for you, but I think that it’s amazing that George Miller has been able to accomplish such a feat. Not only has he created an ultra entertaining film, but at the same time has ambitiously sprinkled his film with though-provoking messages. This film is clever, for the thinkers and it’s simultaneously fun, and instant classic. Mad Max: Fury Road is a must see! Enjoy FilmMunchers! Easily the best film of the year, so far.

TRIVIA COOKIE: The Toecutter is back as Immortan Joe. Hugh Keays-Byrne is the only cast member to return from the original Mad Max, 36 years ago.