lobo dc

With just a few days left for the much or not anticipated release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, some interesting news has landed. Lobo, a project that’s been on and off, even more than the Crow remake, has landed a writer. His name is Jason Fuchs, and don’t ask me how you pronounce that, but he’s penned the upcoming Wander Woman stand alone movie, so this is perhaps an indication that he might be the man for the job, if the studios are willing for him to take the role onboard. There is good reason to doubt this writer, perhaps you heard of the Pan mishap, and the shambles of a movie that was, well Jason Fuchs wrote the script for that film, is DC in the right hands?

Dave bautista

Lobo is a seriously bad ass looking super hero, perhaps better described as an anti hero. He is an alien bounty hunter, so there is opportunity for an iconic character to come to life via cinema, hopefully in the same vein as the man with no name, in the Dollars Trilogy. Now that we live in a cinema universe that includes R-Rated super hero movies, this project makes sense. Extreme violence, extreme corse language and explicit sensuality, Lobo will fit right in. So perhaps the biggest question is, who will play the key role? Originally created as a spoof towards Marvel’s Wolverine, Lobo is going to have to be played by one massive guy, so I’ve got my money on Dave Bautista or John Cena. Fingers crossed Warner Bros are not afraid to have some fun with this potentially intriguing character, Lobo.

john cena for lobo

Here’s an idea, how insane would it be if Hugh Jackman, once he’s done his final appearance as Wolverine, then takes on the role of Lobo? I am sure that will never happen, but what if it did? Regardless, are you excited or not?