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ShortFilms are worthy of FilmMuncher’s celebrations, because they usually represent the “little” man/woman and his or hers attempts to start a career in FilmMaking. FilmMunch would like to express that we whole heartedly support ShortFilms and that we will be making a more concerted effort at highlighting them!

david sandberg

Kung Fury is an amazing success story, and it should be a source of inspiration for anyone! David Sandberg is a name we will all become familiar with very soon, and it will be interesting to see what the next step is for this Swedish FilmMaker. Kung Fury, if you haven’t already seen it, is an incredibly entertaining ShortFilm available for streaming on YouTube for free! So really, if you have 30minutes to spare, there is no excuse, go and see it now! It’s fantastic, it’s OVER-THE-TOP! In addition, it contains my favourite StreetFighter inspired fight sequence, on screen.

If you’re going to use a green screen and CGI, Kung Fury is probably the best example, of it’s use, so far. George Miller has graced us with an example of good old fashioned real/actual action, and David Sandberg has done the opposite. 2015 is proving to be a fantastic year in film already!

This ShortFilm is instantly familiar because of all the tributes it pays to films we all know. The 80’s was an era of BigBudget, so films have evolved to what they are now, because of these BigBudget films. At the same time Kung Fury is a huge SLAP IN THE FACE to modern HollyWood BigBudget. I say this because it demonstrates that with only a small budget, funded by KickStarter, it’s very possible to create something that is familiar, but at the same time creative and entertaining. Plus, who can boast 11Million + hits on YouTube in only 6 days? Best Short Film, Oscar prediction?

Kung Fury’s AWESOME OST available for purchase here!

I’ve seen it 3 times, and laughed hard, each time. FilmMunchers, Kung Fury is a must see! Check it out now, you can TANK ME later: