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Jurassic World is enough to get us excited about dinosaurs again! As a fan of Jurassic Park, and a lover of the entire first trilogy, I can truly say that Jurassic World is a great entry to the saga. Although not surpassing in value to it’s original, it comfortably slides past instalments two and three as a serious contender!

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Colin Trevorrow, also a fan of the original dino-tale, has graced us with a film that achieves what it sets out to. He has cleverly peppered, sometimes not so obvious, and sometimes right in your face, reminders of what came before. Keeping in mind that this story ignores parts 2 and 3, and acts as a direct sequel to Jurassic Park, he’s managed to create an instant familiarity, that will bring smiles to all fans. My favourite of reminders is a statue of John Hammond in the new park, plus there are some great treats, that will make you recall Jurassic Park, and want to re-watch it! Trevorrow pays his respects, almost in the form of a sweet love letter, and then smoothly moves on to direct a modern version of the park.

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I could not be more pleased with the dinosaurs, aesthetically they are amazing, and it’s difficult at times to pick out the animatronics vs CGI. They have crafted the two visual elements to deliver realism, which pays dividends, dinosaurs have never looked this good! Michael Giacchino has lived up to the task, whilst respecting the work of John Williams, but modernising the score. In fact, the first 10mins or so of the film, relies heavily on the score, to set the tone, and set us, the audience, into a place of comfort and familiarity. Once Giacchino has lullabied us into cinematic ease, his score doesn’t overpower or detract. Once the credits roll, and the ‘new’ motif plays, you feel. You feel the score.

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Typically I am critical of sound, and the sound mix, especially for blockbuster films that are heavy in sound effects, score and the occasional dialogue. It is far too often that one will drown the other, and the effect, results in a cluster of, ‘meh..’ Jurassic World has been mixed well, and the combination of visual and audible art is best suited for the big screen, this is a film you need to see on the big screen, it’s totally worth it!

There are a lot of characters in this film, and although the plots are easy to follow, there is still a lot happening. The script is tight and dialogue is used well to establish character relationships and not wasted on cliche lines, well not a lot, anyway. The material feels fresh and there is a lot of humour. Chris Pratt delivers again, his aura as Owen resembles a cross between Indiana Jones and Dr. Grant, and manages to maintain his poise well. In addition all the characters mesh well, including Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Claire and Owen, who together basically serve as star leads for this film. Admittedly there are cliche-like instances, but it also manages to remain unpredictable. This is a film that the entire family will enjoy. The cinema we were in was fairly packed, and you could tell everyone was having a blast!

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The lines that stand out to me are, “we stick together, for survival.” If there is a message in Jurassic World, this would be it. In addition there are morality issues, brushed on, regarding how ethical the whole thing is, but in new ways, more relevant ways, which I won’t spoil for you.

Jurassic World is an entertaining film, and the real stars of this film are the dinosaurs, there are real surprises in store her, real moments of wow! This film is self aware, allowing it to be fun and even silly at times, without over doing. It’s certain to get a laugh out of you, especially from Jake Johnson’s character, who provides a lot of the comical relief. The park is open, and I recommend you visit it!

TRIVIA COOKIE: Chris Pratt was fortunate enough to see the original Jurassic Park on it’s opening day at the cinema, and is one of his favourite films. I bet he’s honoured to be in a Jurassic movie!

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