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Everybody knows what it feels like to be expecting something, and then your expectations are shattered! This scenario tends to generate numerous emotions, depending on who you are, some may get angry, others sad, and others just laugh about it, but all in all, it outright sucks! Jupiter Ascending crushed me…

Andy and Lana Wachowski, where are you!? Please come back! I honestly loved The Matrix, and I was so excited about Jupiter Ascending, I had hopes that it would be another ‘wow’ movie for The Wachowskis, it was ‘wow’, but not in a good way. I want to first of all start by saying that the concepts that are explored here are insanely wild and out there, which is not a bad thing. I think that imagination and creativity are key to the furthermost of cinema as an art form, so I love what The Wachowskis have created in their imagination, but they have failed to appropriately translate that creativity to the screen, Jupiter Ascending may well and truly been best suited as a fictional novel, in my opinion.


I typically look at a films runtime before I decide to watch it, and if the runtime is more than 105 minutes, my thinking process divides itself into two, one, this could be a great thing, or two, this might be a bad film, and I’m going to have to sit through it, till the bitter end, panic! Don’t get me wrong, I love epic movies, I consider a film epic, once it starts to surpass 120 minutes, so when I saw that Jupiter Ascending was 127 minutes, and my anticipation of greatness, I was thinking, this is going to be epic! But, unfortunately I regret to say that the later argument was true, I had to sit through an agonising ordeal, till the bitter end.

It wasn’t all that bad, really, but the higher you aim, the more painful the fall is. The character played by Mila Kunis, Jupiter Jones, seems to be constantly falling, only to be constantly saved by Channing Tatum, Caine Wise. I honestly think that this film had potential to create an awesome heroine out of Mila Kunis, but her character was so cliche, and predictable. Scrip writers out there, please, I beg of you, start writing stronger female characters! Boy saves Girl has been done a million and one times, for crying out loud!

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Visually, its good and bad. Scenes that take place in the awesome galactic universe, look stunning, but the action sequences didn’t have the same flair, they felt loud and clumsy, I honestly heard a sigh of relief in the theatre after one particular action sequence had ended! I want to mention here, that I loved the score, maybe because I love Michael Giachino, and I think he is a composing genius. I enjoyed the score, if it was played to me without this film. In this instance, the score did not fit the film adequately, this is most likely because Jupiter Ascending didn’t have a clear direction as to what genre it was trying to fit into. Jupiter Ascending tries to be every genre, and a hybrid of every film, which results in a rather tiring ordeal.

Film Munchers, the popcorn you buy may well and truly be the best thing out of going to see Jupiter Ascending.

TRIVIA COOKIE: The script is about 600 pages long. Like I said, perhaps a novel, seems a lot to cover in only 127 minutes.

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