coconut and almond snowballs

I know that we are all talking about The Force Awakens and everything else Star Wars, and I am some what inclined to agree that Star Wars seems to be bigger than Xmas this year, it is also time for that hectic holiday that some people celebrate for religious reasons and others just to get together with family and share, while others don’t even celebrate it. As a result, here at FilmMunch we are bringing you a FilmSnack pairing with the 2005 French film Joyeux Noel which we think will get you into the Xmas spirit.

Amy has done it again with these adorable looking Snowballs, not only do they look tasty, but they are a quiet snack to munch on while you watch your Xmas themed movies this year. We’ve chosen an interesting film that does a good job of expressing what Xmas should really be about, but more on that later. These Coconut and Almond Snowballs are the perfect treat, while at the same time serving as a healthier alternative. Plus they are very easy to make! Here is the recipe:

Coconut And Almond Snowballs

coconut and almond snowballs

makes 10

1 cup shredded coconut – plus more for coating

3/4 cup almond meal

2 tbsp rice malt syrup

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

zest of half a lemon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt

Add all of your ingredients to a food processor or high speed blender and pulse until everything is combined.

Shape into 10 balls, and coat with more shredded coconut if desired.

Chill and then eat with you Xmas themed film!

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We’d like to pair Amy’s tasty FilmSnack with the 2005 French film, Joyeux Noel as it’s a deep and emotional film that serves as a great reminder of what Xmas should really be about. Plus it’s a great film with some very touching moments, in fact I challenge you to watch this film without shedding a tear or two.

joyeux noel still

Joyeux Noel is a fictional retelling of a truce that took place on the Xmas of 1914 between French, Scottish and German soldiers. They were different times back then, and I’ve not heard of similar truces taking place since WW1, but as incredible as it sounds, it did happen and Joyeux Noel does a great job of putting us right in the action, or should I say, peace.

joyeux noel still

This film does have a brutal feel to it, especially the first quarter of the film, we are reminded of what war is really about, death, plus we are introduced to the main players of the film, the struggles that they face, the human in them. That is what makes Joyeux Noel so powerful, it’s about being human, the very basic elements of people and when it comes to the purity of it, life and peace are the quintessential.

joyeux noel still

There is a lot of music in this film, opera and even Scottish bagpipes. Perhaps this is another reason why this film comes across as so touching, because music has that powerful effect on the senses and there is a scene in particular when music literally unites three warring countries, it’s moving for sure! That is what Xmas is about right, unity, the coming together and being united and at peace, my only gripe with this is why doesn’t this spirit fester year round? I think that is up to us as individuals and the more individuals that do there part, the more chances we will have of total peace.

joyeux noel still

What happens after the truce in the film, that question, lingers with you long after the film has ended, you can’t help think that the war did continue, and death did continue. The peace ended. So there is a bitter sweet feeling to this film, please choose to focus on the sweet. There has been talk that director and writer Christian Carion is planning a sequel to Joyeux Noel that will tell the story of what happened next, not sure how I feel about this, but I must admit I am curious.

joyeux noel still

So, with your Coconut and Almond Snowballs plus Joyeux Noel, you are sure to get into the Xmas spirit! Please make sure you check out Amy’s Instagram page, as there you will find a host of other healthy and tasty recipes. We hope you are enjoying The Munch in FilmMunch!