jaschar l marktanner label Aufdruck

When we asked German filmmaker Jaschar what his intended massage was for his blunt and poignant short film, he answered that he chooses not to express what his intended message is, but rather asks us, the viewers to make our own interpretations. He then went on to compare his style to that of another iconic German filmmaker, Michael Haneke. Personally, we’re of the opinion that if a film makes you think and contemplate the question of ‘why’, it’s a good film. LABEL / Aufdruck isn’t only thought provoking, but it’s got some great comedic value.

jaschar l marktannerThe setting is simple, two females are enjoying coffee and a smoke, when they converse and when they do not, the magic happens. It is clear that these two protagonists are unhappy about what surrounds them, finding almost everything, to complain about. What is also clear is that they choose to do nothing about their tiny and even major gripes. When the fourth wall is unexpectedly broken, what do they ask us with their short but enough to make you uncomfortable stare? Is it, ‘What are you doing?’ Or are they telling us, ‘you’re unhappy, right, so do something about it,’ in the most subtle of ways, I’m sure. The short film is almost immaculate in terms of significance, up until the final scene, where a new couple enter a now colour lit cafe. It’s this unusual interaction that got us, it sure does feel like a boyish tick, not that unfamiliar to what Quentin Tarantino does with some of his movies, the ‘why not’ attitude.

It’s important to showcase such short films, because enthusiastic filmmakers like Jaschar L Marktanner are the future of cinema as we know it, and we do well to note that this short film is a great example of talent, we are keen to see what is in store for the future. Jaschar has told us that he has some upcoming ideas, but is seeking producers to help him take his projects of the ground, so consider this a call out to any producers looking for talented filmmakers.

At this stage the short film is making the film festival circuits, so expect this movie to become available to the public a bit later this year.