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Mads Mikkelsen is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. His performance in The Hunt is compelling to say the least. But, it’s not just his performance that owes to the films success, including an Oscar nod, but because its an all round great film.

I have recently been watching my fair share of Foreign films, and it’s because I guess I’m addicted to them, mainly because its refreshing to watch films that are bold enough to venture into territory that mainstream films don’t. In addition to this, story is king, in foreign films. The Hunt is no different, this story is bitter sweet, but proves to be thoroughly entertaining.

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Some important social issues are brought to our attention through The Hunt. With the Internet and technology, children are becoming more frequently exposed to inappropriate material, and it really seems like this is impossible to avoid, parents may try their best in the home, but there is no control over what happens outside, at school or with friends. The psychological consequences on young minds being exposed to pornography, for example, can be unpredictable. It is from this, that stems a little innocent lie in The Hunt, that makes our main protagonist’s life, well, hell!

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Another social issue relevant of discussion is our reaction to hearsay, again with the Internet and technology, how gullible are we? As a society we have freedom of information, with freedom comes responsibility. The Hunt is a dramatised example of what can happen when when rumours and accusations get out of hand. This film feels difficult to watch at times, and it calls for a mixed bag of emotional reactions, but its totally worth it.

I watch a TV show called Hannibal, any of my fellow Film Muncher watch it? Anyway, I wanted to watch The Hunt for a little while, and I was curious if I would see Hannibal in this film. What I mean is that when you are so used to seeing an actor play a particular role, its hard to see them play someone else, without being reminded of that said character. But, Mads Mikkelsen proves that he is a well-rounded actor, and he can be a Psycho villain, as well as a loveable man. I was also very much impressed by child actress Annika Wedderkopp, as well as onscreen son to Mads, Lasse Fogelstrom.

the hunt still

the hunt still

The true golden moment of this film is the very very end. Just shy of 2 hours, The Hunt is worth the investment, and when you reach that pinnacle of cinematic beauty, I am interested to know what your interpretation is, my friends!

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TRIVIA COOKIE: Danish cinema has received 10 Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film and won 3 Oscars. Mads Mikkelsen has been in 3 of the films, but non of the 3 he has been in have won the top honour.