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Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, his name is ever so synonymous with Cool and Awesome, in movies at least. So, I’m not going to rave on about how amazing he was as Jack Reacher, even though I thought his performance was a touch restrained. What I will go on and rave about is how inspiring Lee Child is.

lee child author of jack reacher

Lee Child didn’t have the best of starts in life, he was raised in a less than affluent part of England, and apparently never saw a tree until he was 12 years of age. He didn’t have a clear direction as to what he wanted to achieve in life, and i’m sure that at some point or another we may have all felt similarly. It was rather much later in his life that he started to write the Jack Reacher novels, and he has been able to pump out at least one novel per year since his commencement. Inspiring, because if you’re truly passionate about finding your calling in life you will find it, no matter how long it may take!

So, like most popular novels and novel series, Jack Reacher is the first adaption from the novel One Shot. Does it do it justice? I’m not sure, I regret to admit that I haven’t read the novels, but because of this film, it has aroused my curiosity!

As a film, it is cleverly edited, and the performances are solid. The story is strong, but I do believe that the film was about 25 minutes a touch too long. There is an announced sequel to the film, based on the novel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, i’ll be watching it, and maybe by then I’ll have read a novel or two from the famous Lee Child, maybe…

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Let the story of Lee Child inspire you! Jack Reacher is a good film, but falls short from being noteworthy.

TRIVIA COOKIE: Lee Child cameo’s in the film as a police officer. He is the officer returning Jack Reachers belonging when he leaves jail.

lee chlid cameo